Win RDP client always starts at position 0,0

It still involves editing the RDP files but at least you get pre-win7 functionality

you dont need to disable Aero-snap, nor do you need to resize the windows every time

While its a crude fix, i found it amazing and WAY WAY WAY better than the crap weve had to put up with.

Here it is:


0 (maximized), 1 ( have no idea), 200 (200 pixels down from top), 200(200 pixels from left, or the other way around), 5000 (max window size), 5000 (max window size)

And voila no scroll bars, no matter how big the windows are, windows are SORTA centered, no need to scroll or get scroll bars, and window is fully sized and draggable without removing aerosnap.

While it isnt a perfect fix (open centered and window position saved) its the next best thing, i hope its usefull for someone.

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